It's A Big Tent!!  COME JOIN US!!


Call For Information

Thank you for visiting the Avon Township Democrats web page.

Our goal for this site is to help improve the government by increasing voter
​participation and educating you the general public. 

The Avon Township Democrats (ATD) is an organization for all residents of Avon Township, Democratic Precinct Committeemen, and Office Holders. The organization was formed for individuals from the general population in the Avon Township community who have an interest in positively affecting change via the political arena in their area. It is an organization for Individuals from the general public and those who are actively involved in politics, such as public officials, candidates, and Precinct Committeemen. It is an organization for ALL who are interested in the Democratic Party in Avon Township IL.

If you are an individual who wants to get more involved in our political process or just want to learn more about the political process, please consider coming to one of our meetings and becoming a member. Our regularly scheduled meetings are the second Saturday of each month at the Round Lake Library.

All are welcome to attend our meetings and become more involved with our organization. 

As it says, "It's a big tent, Come Join Us!"

Building A Bridge to

Better Government