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Precinct Committeemen

The Precinct Committeemen for all of the precincts in Avon Township, Illinois are listed below.  They can provide you with information about your elected officials, Democratic candidates, other election information and opportunities for you to get involved in promoting Democratic values here at home and across the nation.  They can also inform you about upcoming events where you can meet Democratic candidates or social events just for fun.  If your precinct is vacant, you or any other dedicated Democrat you know are welcome to volunteer for the position.  Please contact us for more information.

To find out which precinct you live in, please go to the Lake County, Illinois,
Voter Power site.  After you fill in your information, you will find out your precinct number along with which governmental districts you live in.  If your information does not appear, you may need to re-register to vote.  Please contact the Lake County Clerk.

To contact your Precinct Committeeman, please send us a message which we will forward to the appropriate person.  Your Precinct Committeeman will follow up with you to answer any of your questions. 

18 - Vacant
19 - Vacant
20 - Terry Wilke
21 - Vacant
22 - Vacant
23 - Vacant
24 - Vacant
25 - Vacant
26 - Vacant
27 - Vacant
28 - Vacant
29 - Vacant
30 - Vacant
31 - Patrick P Duby
32 - Paul Law
33 - Lowell Jaffe
34 - Vacant
35 - Vacant
36 - Vacant
37 - Jeanne Marie Dauray
38 - Vacant
39 - Christian "Chris" S Law
40 - Douglas Raul Williams
41 - Patrick J Canniff
42 - Fredrick  L Barnett
43 - Vacant
44 - Harold G Sloan (Township Chair)
45 - Melinda G Bush
46 - John F Kless
47 - Barbara Hogman
48 - Vacant
49 - Vanessa A Mayster
50 - John Wylie

Avon Township 2016 Candidates

Each political office that we vote for, except for that of the President, represents a specific district.  All of the Avon Township precincts are in the same voting district for each political office except for that of the Lake County Board seat.  Avon Township is split into five different County Board districts: 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 16th.  To find out which County Board district you live in, visit the Lake County Voter Power site. When you fill in the requested information, you will see which County Board district you live in along with which Avon Township precinct you live in. 

If on the Voter Power site you receive the message “No matching record was found,” check to see if you’ve entered your information correctly.  If you have, your voter registration information may be incorrect in the Lake County database.  Click on the provided link on the Voter Power site or call the Lake County Clerk's office at 847-377-2410 for more information.  If you do not live in Avon Township, please visit Lake County Democrats for a list of other candidates in Lake County.

If you are looking for who your precinct committeeman is in your area, please go to the bottom of this page for that information.

NOTICE: Candidates are always being added to this list up to the date of the 2016 Primary. Please check back to make sure you know who is seeking each office. The 2016 primary will be held on Tuesday March 15, 2016. After the primary we will update the information on who the public has picked as their candidate for each office.